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The Rock - Author Unknown

There was a man who had a dream. He heard God speaking to him:

"Press hard against the large rock."

He did not understand this until the morning. He looked out from his hut and saw a huge rock that had rolled down the hillside.

He began to push and push, but he could not move the rock. Throughout the day he had several attempts, but he could not move it. Convinced that God had spoken to him, he made a mission of this task and for weeks he spent some hours every day, but he could not budge the rock.

A traveller came by and asked him what he was doing.

"God told me to move this rock" he replied. The traveller laughed and said, "You must be mistaken. You will never move a rock that large."

Still the man continued his attempts to move the rock without success. Another traveller came by some weeks later and asked what he was doing.

"God told me to move this rock" he replied. The traveller scorned him and said, "Your God is stupid to ask such a thing. It is impossible. Give up."

That night the man turned to God in his prayer:

"Lord, I have done what you asked, but the task is impossible, and it seems you have made fun of me. The travellers have mocked me for believing that I could move the rock as you asked me to do."

Then God spoke gently to him:

"My son. Look at your strong arms and legs; look at the rippling muscles in your back; look at the tanned hardness of your skin. Look at your increased strength. Look what has happened to you. You are a different man! I asked you to press against the rock and this you have done. I never told you to move it!"

Everything God asks us to do is for our own good. Even if at the time we do not see it.

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