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Life Lessons learnt from the Movie Titanic...

Titanic is a story that will be told time and again for countless generations. Hundreds of books have been written on the subject and various films and documentaries have also been produced in the memory of that legendary ship. The story of Titanic and the movie which showed it beautifully (in the year 1997) taught us some amazing life lessons. Let's look at some of them below:


Everyone thought that the glorious and mighty Titanic was unsinkable. That's the reason it didn't have the ideal number of lifeboats on it. The shortage of lifeboats actually proved to be the biggest cause of loss of life later.

Lesson: Our beliefs are often so powerful that they can cloud real facts and our vision. When you believe 100% in something, you start acting in accordance with it. It's important that you identify, challenge and push yourself beyond those beliefs, as they can potentially lead to disasters.


Overconfidence in Titanic's ability made its captain take many perilous decisions, including the abandonment of lifeboat safety drill, just to reach New York a little quickly. Another poor decision that led to Titanic's disaster was that the ship's speed was increased despite the fact that another neighbouring ship had turned off its engines, predicting bad waters ahead.

Lesson: Overconfidence is often far more damaging than false optimism. In fact, it borders on delusion. Such confidence hampers the ability of making sound judgements and leads to poor decisions.


Although it's not so much of a mystery now, the sinking of the Titanic had intrigued many generations. The exact happenings that night left a good number of unanswered questions. People continue to explore various 'what if' possibilities.

Lesson: Looking back and pondering over the wrongs cannot change what has already happened. What can instead be changed is the things that are happening right now and the choices you make today. It's useless to stay stuck in the past; you must instead focus on your present and future.


People who had created Titanic feared nothing. Their intention was to build a ship that would be unsinkable in the real sense, without any of the weaknesses seen in the ships of the past.

Lesson: Although some fears may stop you from nurturing your true potential, others may actually protect you from making foolish mistakes, and keep you from danger.


Any talk of Titanic usually makes us think of the great tragedy, and gives us an opportunity to be thankful for all the good things in our lives.

Lesson: Even scientific studies have proven that being grateful for the good things in our lives can help us attract more of them. The expression of gratitude does away with negative feelings like guilt, sadness and anxiety.

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