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What is God Calling You to Give Up?

Peter began to say to Jesus, “We have given up everything and followed you.” Mark 10:28

Some are called to give up much and follow Christ. For example, there are those called to the monastic life or a cloister as a religious sister. They truly give up everything of this world to seek out and follow the invitation of Christ to follow Him in this radical way.

All of us, however, are called to give up “everything” to follow Christ in our own unique way. By giving up everything, we are called to completely surrender our own will and preferences in life to serve Christ in accord with His divine plan. This may take on many forms but, in the end, it’s always a call to give up everything.

The good news is that “giving up everything” is nothing other than giving up our own selfish ideals and preferences in life. The even better news is that the life God has in store for us is far better than we can dream of or imagine. So, by saying “No” to our own will and doing things our own way, we are in fact saying “Yes” to doing things in the perfect way of God.

Why wouldn’t we want to seek only His will each and every day of our lives? Why wouldn’t we want to serve Him and His perfect plan? This may take on the form of service to our families. Giving to them when we do not feel like doing so. It may mean striving to find joy in small acts of service and love. It may mean, for some, giving up all normal attachments in life so as to seek His will in a more radical way.

Whatever the specific calling in life may be for you, it’s worth embracing God’s will.

Reflect, today, on how ready and willing you are to say “Yes” to Christ no matter what He asks of you. Are you willing to say “Yes” even to that which He has not yet revealed to you? Say “Yes” today to whatever your future holds and God will bless you in abundance.

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