• RevShirleyMurphy

The Scourge of Sin

Why was it that Jesus suffered as He did? Why did He receive such a severe scourging? Why was His death so painful? Because sin has consequences and is the source of great pain. But Jesus’ voluntary and sinless embrace of suffering transformed human suffering so that it now has the power to purge us and free us from sin and all attachment to sin.

Do you realise that the extreme pain and suffering Jesus went through was on account of our own sin? It’s important to acknowledge that humbling fact. It’s important to see a direct connection between His suffering and our sin. But this should not be a cause of guilt or shame, it should be a cause of gratitude. Deep humility and gratitude.

Lord, we thank you for all that you endured in your holy Passion. We thank you for your suffering and Cross. We thank you for redeeming suffering and transforming it into a source of salvation. Help us to allow the sufferings we endure to change our lives and purge us of our sins. We unite our sufferings to yours, dear Lord, and pray that you will use it for your glory. Jesus, we trust in you.

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