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The Lighter Side of Lockdown

Professor Catherine Clarke, from the Institute of Historical Research, University of London made an effort to cheer people up by writing Lockdown Psalms:

1. Clap your hands, all ye neighbours:

clap in the front gardens and on the


2. Make a thankful noise, for it is

Thursday: clap your hands and bang the

pots; bang the mighty pan from the

stove, the frying pan from the draining

board, and the little pan from under the


3. Rejoice, for thou hast booked a

delivery: a weekly slot even unto the end

of June.

4. Surely plenteousness shall be in thy

house: goodness shall follow thee, at a

two metre distance, all the days of thy


5. [2nd part] Our garners shall be full:

and Netflix shall bring forth thousands

and ten thousands of new episodes for


6. Arise! Yea, verily, for the lockdown

easeth: gird thy face with apparel and go

into the city.

7. Rejoice in the fruitful offices, all ye

who were furloughed: but thy going out

and thy coming in shall not be on public


8. Rest ye alert by day, and alert by night:

and the pillars shall deliver ye out of the


9. Judgement and remembrance shall be

thine heritage: and ye shall dwell in the

house of austerity for ever.

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