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The Journey toward Faith – Author Unknown

When people say God doesn't shut the door without opening the window, I think I know what they mean, and I would like to share it with you. When it seems like life has dealt you a bad hand, maybe it is for a reason. I have a friend that grew up in an abused home and was moved around a lot. At times my friend wanted to give up, but she had a very special friend that would not let her for every now and then a ray of sunshine would appear in her life, just enough to keep her going and just as she began seeing the calm after the storm the ultimate tragedy happened.

Her best friend was killed in an accident, "What else can I tolerate?" she asked. She began searching for a new beginning, every door was shut in her face. One day she spoke to the minister of her church and pleaded for answers. She asked him, "Why am I being punished, I had parents that didn't love me, all the kids in school always laughed at me and wouldn't be my friend because I was withdrawn and shy and the one person that showed me love is gone.

I thought "God was a good god." The minister, taking into consideration the stability of my friend responded by saying to her, "You have to have faith and trust in yourself before you can see what God has in the works for you." My friend made the biggest decision of her life that day, she would gain her faith back by helping others, so she volunteered at a local hospital where her duties were to look in on terminally ill patients. She found comfort in talking to them and listening to them. She was confused how someone so ill could be in such good spirits, but she learned something from working there.

No matter what road you are on, as long as you have faith, the road will be a pleasant journey.

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