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The Garbage Pile

The richest soil in our yard sits over an old garbage pile. While digging up parts of the garden there, I have discovered old plastic pots, glass bottles, water hose fittings, torn shingles, and everything else that might wind up in the trash at a typical home. But as the metal has slowly rusted away, the old potato peelings and coffee grounds and other organic refuse have broken down to make that spot the richest piece of ground we have. How ironic that the garbage pile produces the best crops.... Moses spent some "garbage pile" years in the desert, not doing much except getting old. I'm sure Moses sometimes looked around at his "garbage" surroundings and thought back to the life of luxury he had enjoyed in Pharaoh's palace. Moses probably figured he was wasting his time out there. But God was growing Moses, growing enormous patience and humility within him, so that one day he could be part of the biggest immigration project in history. And to do that, God chose the rich soil of a desert "garbage pile" as his garden. Your life may feel like a garbage heap. You may look around and wonder what flower could possibly bloom in the wasteland where you have been planted. You may figure God is finished with you (or perhaps forgot to ever start). But maybe God is giving you some garbage pile time, not to punish you, but to season and mature you. Perhaps this is just one stop on the way to something wonderful God has planned for you and your life. Perhaps this is just God's way of equipping you for something bigger than you have ever imagined. Israel's road to Canaan ran through four decades in the desert. Paul's road to apostle-ship detoured through three days of blindness. Christ's road to glory paused in the wilderness of temptation. God often uses garbage pile time to prepare us for a wonderful harvest in the future. Be patient. God's harvest for you may be just around the corner. And if it is, I can promise you the "garbage" time will be well worth it.


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