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The Blazing Fire of Faith

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Jesus said to his disciples: “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!” Luke 12:49

This passage reveals two things to us. First, it reveals Jesus’ intention to “set the earth on fire.” Second, it reveals that He desires “it were already blazing.”

What does it mean when Jesus says that He came to set the world on fire? Fire is a powerful image that offers much insight into the Christian life. First, fire consumes. So, it is with Christ. He came to consume us. He came to transform our little lives into blazing fires. This reveals that there is much potential in each one of our lives. We have potential to become something totally new if we allow the spark of grace to ignite our souls.

Fire also has the potential to make a difference. Its heat keeps us warm; its light allows us to see in darkness and its energy produces power in various ways to help us in our daily lives. So, it is with grace. God’s grace transforms our cold hearts, leads us through the darkness of life and provides us with all we need to live productive lives.

It’s interesting to note that Jesus did not only say that He came to set the world on fire; rather, He said that He wished it were already blazing. This desire of our Lord is an invitation to move out of a mediocre and lukewarm existence into a life of radical Christian living. We are not called to be partly transformed, or even mostly transformed. No, we are called to become blazing fires of faith, transformed by God to make a true difference in the world!

Reflect, today, upon the fire within your own soul. How brightly is that fire burning? You need to feed that fire on a daily basis, fanning it into flame with complete commitment. Seek to become that blazing fire that the Lord desires of you and you will be amazed at how fully you can become transformed by grace.


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