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Ten Commandments From The Outgoing Pastor - Author Unknown

Thou shalt not compare the new pastor and the old pastor, for verily, they are two different people.

Thou shalt not say to the new pastor: “But our last preacher did it this way.” Thou shalt not call back the outgoing pastor for funerals and weddings; yea, those are the responsibility of the new minister. Thou shalt not send to the former pastor, nor in any way communicate with (him/her), matters of gossip or problems. Thou shalt not withhold thine exceeding great capacity of love for the pastor and (her/his) family. Thou shalt love them, as thou hast loved us, and even more abundantly. Thou shalt not prejudge persons and situations for the new pastor. (She/He)will have the ability to judge for (him/her)self in wisdom and in truth. Thou shalt not fail to review the new pastor’s salary annually, and increase it as a symbol of love and appreciation. Thou shalt not speak too often of the former pastor, and when thou dost, may it be kindly. Thou shalt not forget the new pastoral family at Christmas and on their birthdays with thoughtful remembrance. Thou shalt not forget to pray for the new pastor and (her/his) family regularly.

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