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Reach Up – Author Unknown

"Ye, though I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I will fear no evil."

The journey each of us walks is not always a meadow full of flowers. Sometimes it is a journey up a mountain, loose rocks and steep inclines.

We so often lose sight of the beautiful scenery because of our attempts to hold on. We have to struggle with many things in this world that makes us feel alone.

Arthritis grips us tight and wrenches pain from within. Diabetes cuts our feelings ulcerates our skin. Cancer files away at the cells of our body and leaves us weak. Blindness takes away our vision and paints our world black. Mental disabilities hold our thoughts and leave us in a lonely room. Cruelty of others cuts our hearts and leaves us empty.

We were born to celebrate, to reach up and believe. We were born to rejoice, to lift our hands to life. We were born to sing, to paint rainbows with our voice. We were born to love, to hold the hands of gentleness. We were born to share, to be a blessing to those around us.

Reach up, my friend and believe for that is God's dream. Lift your hands, my friend and live for that is God's purpose. Paint your world, my friend with songs for that is God's compassion. Hold on, my friend with gentleness for that is God's love. Bless those around you, my friend for you are God's gift.

No less than a flower planted by angels and nurtured by the hands of God.

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