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Going back to my Roots !!!

I had the privilege of going back home to Madras (Chennai now) to my hometown in March 2019 as a surprise visit for my father's 75th birthday. I arrived home on the Saturday and was pleasantly surprised when later that same evening the Vicar of the Church where I grew up found out about my arrival and offered me a personal invite asking me to attend the 8 am Morning service on Sunday. He said they would like to honour me as they were very proud as I had made their church and their congregation members proud by becoming a Vicar here in Wales. I was overwhelmed with the gifts and the warmth I received from all those people who I remember growing up with during my time back home in Madras.

I was so happy to go back to the church where I attended Sunday school, Youth ministry, sang in the Church Choir, taught Sunday school classes and Vacation bible school classes and above all was also confirmed in that church. I have good memories of those days when me and my brother performed and sang together in churches around the world and also took part in various youth events all over my hometown.

It is thanks to my parents who gave me this wonderful upbringing that has made me who I am now. I am very proud and happy that God has chosen me to come far away from my own hometown to some other country where I can make a difference in bringing people closer to God through my ministry.

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