Do Whatever He Tells You, Daily

His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he (Jesus) tells you.” John 2:5

We get into many difficulties, dissatisfaction with life and stunted spiritual growth the moment we deliberately decide to go against the master’s will - i.e. if we go against ‘whatever He tells us.'

Mary’s instruction to the servants is quite clear: “Do whatever He tells you.” This instruction equally applies to you and me in its full measure: “Do whatever He tells you.”

Are you looking for a solution to a problem that you might be facing, as the attendees of the wedding at Cana did? Are you looking for something? Do you long for improved fellowship with Him? Do you seek to get to the spiritual higher ground? If so, here is the key: “Do whatever He tells you.”

There was a problem or a need at the wedding at Cana…the ceremony had run out of wine; more wine was therefore required.

I love the attitude that the servants displayed; they demonstrated that they were real servants. Jesus said to the servants, “Fill the jars with water.” John 2:7. The words of Jesus represent the “whatever He tells you” that Mary talked about.

What did the servants do in response to Jesus’ instruction? The bible says: “…so they filled them to the brim.” John 2:7. This is lovely; I am humbled! The servants did exactly as the Lord had told them and just as Mary had instructed them.

Then He told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet” John 2:8. Yet another instruction from the Master to the servants.

How did the servants respond this time? The bible says, “They did so…” John 2:8. And when they did, the miracle came to pass! They probably did not understand at first what this was leading to; they however still did exactly as Jesus had instructed them.

I think that the miracle would not have come to pass if the servants had disobeyed the words of the Master. In the same vein, you will miss a lot should you choose to disobey His Word.

I therefore implore you today: “Do whatever He tells you.” Whatever! No cherry-picking, absolutely.

You do not necessarily have to 'hear' His voice; from your interactions with His Word you now know something about His 'voice'. Obey it; listen to the inner man - the still, small voice that speaks to us always.

“Do whatever He tells you.” Will you?


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