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Book Review - Prayers for a Pioneer - Jenneth Graser

Prayers for a Pioneer is an invitation to prayer as a journey, whether life throws up change suddenly or transition is beckoning as a gentle transformation. Seasons shift inwardly and this leads to external shifts, but can often leave us feeling at a loss, looking to discern the unknown one step at a time.

Six themes of prayer have been crafted especially for these journeys: Awake, Heal, Tune in, Abide, Inner Journey, Opening. This book is written for Pioneers praying the road with God, searching for the way forward, healing the past, while living fully in the present.

This book is not only personal but deep and full of experiences of exploring Graser's and possibly a glimpse into our relationship to the natural world, along with wisdom and beauty, while reaching out to the God of love and transformation. At various seasons in the faith journey, we struggle to find words to pray. The twists and turns of the spiritual life can leave us disoriented, lonely and uncertain. Prayers for a Pioneer is a helpful companion for such times.

So if you find yourself on a path filled with future uncertainty, the poems and blessings in this book, are a balm to the soul.

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