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Book Review - How to Pray - Pete Greig

You have to read this book slowly, which I found hard as I normally rush through the books I love. This book is rich with wisdom and inspiration and yet it's so accessible and to earth. But most importantly it inspires you to pray more. This is a handbook for prayer, a book I will continue to go back to and one I will recommend to both new Christians and those who've been walking with Jesus a long time.

Turns out, it was perfect reading for a rainy bank holiday and I found it really hard to put down – I ended up staying up till after midnight last night to finish it.

Split into handy sections, the book takes you through some techniques for prayer, and relates it all back to the Lord’s prayer – the way Jesus taught his disciples to pray when they asked him how they should.

I do love an acronym, and the book was split into 4 areas: Pause: slowing and centering. Rejoice: adoration and thanksgiving. Ask: petition, intercession and perseverance. Yield: contemplation, listening, confession and spiritual warfare. Without giving away the whole book, I think I should probably stop here, but I would really recommend this book to anyone looking to start or kick-start a prayer habit.

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