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A Mother's Prayer

Precious Heavenly Father, Give me patience when little hands tug at me with their many demands. Give me gentle hugging arms to help protect them from rebellions harm. Give me wisdom from above to teach these little ones of Your love. Give me strength, Your love not to spare that they may obey and live under Your care. Give me a spirit . . . quiet and meek let my words show kindness as I speak. Give me the ability to teach from the heart to help my children learn Your Word from the start. Give me the words You'd have me say to teach my children how to pray. Give me time, special moments to share that they may know, "Mommy really does care." Give me hands that work willingly a steadfast example that I may be. Give me courage to stand in Your might to teach my little ones to always do right. Give me boldness to do all these and more that I may not be ashamed when I stand at Your door. Thank You Father, In Jesus Name I pray, Amen."

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