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“Scurrying” for Jesus

As they were leaving the boat, people immediately recognized him. They scurried about the surrounding country and began to bring in the sick on mats to wherever they heard he was. Mark 6:54-55

Jesus caused the people to “scurry.” That’s an interesting word to use and an interesting response from the people. What does “scurried” mean and what does it tell us about the people?

To “scurry” means one moves quickly and intentionally with short and hurried steps. It’s a very specific word identifying a very specific action. The people are not just moving toward Jesus in a quick way, they are scurrying.

When you think of this image of scurrying, it seems to reveal a certain intensity with which people were seeking out Jesus. The description of them hurrying to Him with these short and rapid steps reveals that they were intent on getting to Him while they seemed to have something else on their minds. What was on their minds? Healing. They knew that Jesus would be a source of true healing for those who were sick and so the people, with great intensity, brought them to Jesus wherever He was.

In a sense, this must be our approach to Jesus in regard to our life of faith. We must recognise Him as the source of all healing, especially spiritual, and we must keep our minds focused on him as the Divine Physician. Our longing and intensity with which we seek him out must consume our full attention.

Today, try to put yourself into this scene of the Gospel, pondering whether you need to be more intentional and intense in your desire to be with Jesus. He is the source of all grace and mercy, and He is the Divine Physician who waits for you to come to Him with your every need. Scurry toward Him and let Him pour forth His grace.

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