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7 Thoughts on Prayer

1. Prayer is a relationship of intimacy not a transaction that transmits information to a distant God. As with any relationship of intimacy prayer is about presence. We open and make ourselves available to the other even as we offer and give ourselves to the other.

2. Prayer begins with God. Our praying is in reality a response to what God initiates. Perhaps our prayer is the “Amen” to God’s prayer.

3. Prayer is about a way of being more than it is about words, actions, or results. It is a means by which the Uncreated and the Created, the Creator and the Creature, are united and entwined in mutual self-disclosure.

4. Pray as if you see God and if you are unable to do this pray as if God sees you (adapted from the Hadith of Gabriel).

5. Pray with the knowledge, belief, and assumption that God is always and already present. Why do so many meetings begin with the prayer, “Dear Lord, please be with us?” Do we start with the assumption that God is not there? The issue is not whether God is with us but whether we are with God.

6. How and for what we pray can reveal who and how we believe God to be.

7. “How is your prayer?” As our prayer goes, so goes our life. Daily life and prayer are integrally related. I am not speaking here of prayer that seeks to accomplish a result or achieve an outcome but prayer that sustains, enlivens, and awakens. “Prayer is the test of everything.”

What are some of your thoughts on prayer?


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