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2020 A year that taught us Lessons

This is my last write up of 2020. A year that has made history. A year that many wished did not exist. A year that was ‘unacceptable’ in many ways. But a year that has taught me more than I could imagine.

This year has taught me that everything is temporary: Our jobs, our routines, relationships, exercise everything! Everything that we are so used to taking for granted. What we think is there to last forever is nothing but a fleeting moment in the bigger picture.

This year has taught me how busy we get in our lives that we ignore all the things that matter the most. Like Love. Compassion. Humanity. Forgiveness. Standing for what is right. Being fair. Believing in change and being the change as long as it stimulates some growth.

This year has taught me that no man is an island and that we all need each other to celebrate joy. To share our lows. To fight our battles. To appreciate our colleagues. To value our friends. To believe in our families. To trust in God more than anything.

At the same time, this year has also taught me that three is not alone. Two, four, five, ten is not alone. That when celebrated with love, even a nuclear family of two, three, five can make a happy festival or occasion. Because one is alone, not any other number more than that. It is a blessing.

This year has taught me how important it is to slow down. To positively use the resources in hand to make the best out of the worst. To cherish a slow-paced weekend. To realise that there is nothing more comfortable than loungewear. And to understand that you cannot be too busy to indulge in what you like doing the most.

It took the whole world ripping at the seams for us to- Pause. Breathe. Reflect. To accept that there’s so much wrong with the world and countless excuses that we make to not think about the wrongness. To push it to the side. But it took pausing, breathing and reflecting to understand what’s wrong. And now is the time to act and do what is right for us all!

This year has taught me so much but perhaps the biggest lesson I learned is that hope is what keeps mankind going and that humanity is what has and will save us all in the end. Be kind!

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