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Seven Days - Joseph J. Mazzella

I saw another one of those seven day advertisements today. They are the ones that claim that you can change your life in just seven days. There are ones for losing so much weight in seven days. There are ones for getting in shape in seven days. There are ones for starting to make a great deal of money in seven days. There are even ones for finding that perfect relationship in seven days. It is amazing just how many people there are out there who think that they can make our lives wonderful in a week. I have, however, found one way that you can change your life in just seven days. It doesn’t require that you buy an exercise machine, take a pill, invest your savings, or give out your credit card number either. All you need is yourself, and all you have to invest is your heart, soul, and mind. Just by doing four simple steps for seven days you can begin to turn your life into the joyous experience you always hoped it could be. The first step is simply to realise and know just how much God loves you. Once you see that God loves you and wants you to be happy then everything in your life will become better. You will begin to feel, in fact, just how glorious life can be. The next step is just to love God back. That is all God ever asks of us. By loving God back you will take the first step towards living the way you were meant to. Step three is to love yourself. If God loves you then you should be able to love yourself as well. You are a Child of God, after all, and worthy of love. The last step is to go out and love others too. Love is a gift that you can’t just keep to yourself. It has to be shared. If you do these four steps for seven days then you will never want to stop. Your soul will come alive. Love and joy will flow through you and show up in every single thing you do. You will not only change your life but also become a blessing to God and to the world.

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